Friday, May 15, 2009

The Great Jonny Quest Documentary

Hey everybody. First out, due to much demand from my YouTube page, here are the 108 files on Rapidshare that will join together to create in two parts, the complete Jonny Quest Documentary in hi-rez and stereo.

The doc is split in two parts of about an hour and ten minutes a pieces so you can burn the show onto DVDs (2 DVDs) if you so desire.

You can join the files together with any kind of "file joining program". I use a program called ROSETTA because I find it works great on my Mac. If you use an IBM, I'm not sure what you'd use but I am sure there are many.

The original creators of the documentary have given me permission to share this unique documentary but ask once again that if you do download it and decide to copy it or share it, please do not sell it or in any way create profit with it.

This was their sole requirement for posting it on YouTube and now here on
this blog. If you don't know how to download and joins parts posted on Rapidshare, please go to their website and read about it.

I won't be able to answer your technical questions because I am not a technical person and rarely find time to check in.

I subscribe to Rapidshare for a very small amount of money and you might want to think about it as well, because downloading all 108 parts of the Quest doc for free will take a while.

A long, long, while.

The good news is, is that even the missing chapters you can now see in one long movie file.



You can download them here:

Or you can download them directly:



(These are rar files. Combine them all into a new
rar file (make sure the file name ends with .rar
-- and then expand the new file)