Friday, April 2, 2010


Okay, those of you who have struggled getting the complete QUEST Documentary onto your desktops -- here is the full program in twenty downloadable parts (m4v files) newly posted on RAPIDSHARE.

This will give you the entire 2 hour and 22 minute documentary, uncut, unedited and with the missing chapters that YouTube refused to carry.

I have tested this on my own system and found that the free and versatile VLC Media Player, once you load the twenty parts onto the Playlist, plays it with great picture and sound quality.

For Windows:

For Mac

And since it is an m4v file, it will be small enough to store on a DVD.

Now, I am on a Mac, so if you're not, your process maybe slightly different for viewing or burning the Quest Documentary - but these are Quicktime files so I believe they are crossplatform.

I have said this before, but I will say it again. I am not the author of this documentary. I saw it once, and being a die-hard Quest fan since my childhood, asked the creators if I might post it on YouTube.

Since the documentary was not produced for profit, or ever licensed or marketed (it was created for a one time screening at private function) the authors allowed me to break it into parts and post it on YouTube.

The response was so great, from around the world, asking for the full version, that I decided to start this blog and tried posting the entire doc a year ago here. But there were so many parts, and my splitting and posting skills so limited, that it seemed to cause more frustration than
anything else, with those trying to download the parts, assemble them, and get a copy of the whole show.

Maybe this problem is solved now with these new files.
I hope so. Here is the show again in only 20 parts this time -- and anyone who is more computer savvy than I, and more familiar with brands other than Apple -- maybe can help out with suggestions, if there are
problems again with IBM users.

I have also acquired a couple of deleted scenes that were not included in the YouTube posting. An alternate opening for the doc, a little bit more about Mike Road and Race Bannon. They were edited for time, since the doc was approaching two and a half hours.

I will post those, if anyone has asked for them next time I check into this blog. You can contact me at the email in my profile. I don't check in often, but wish I had more time so I could.

I have yet to talk the creators of the doc into posting what sounds like the most hilarious and provocative deleted chapter from the documentary, "Did Jonny Quest Make You Gay?"

I haven't seen it, but it sounds terrific and funny.

Here are the new postings everyone. Enjoy.

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  1. Please post the deleted scenes. I would love to watch them.

  2. Chris,

    Could you please credit the creators of this documentary? I'm pretty sure you know who they are, but if you don't, I highly suspect Gary Karpinski ( is one of them.

    In any case, thank you very much for distributing the documentary both here and on YouTube--it's an invaluable companion to any Jonny Quest fan!

  3. This is totally awesome - unfortunately, I'm having a hard time reassembling the parts. I'm on OS X 10l.6 (Snow Leopard). The QuickTIme player thinks the first part is 2:21 long, but there's only 8 mins of content inside. The subsequent parts get errors in QT, VLC, or any other player I tried - they seem to have no codec information embedded in the file. Maybe if I knew exactly how it was split, I could reassemble it? Thanks for putting this together - if all else fails, I'll watch the low-quality version on YouTube.

  4. Dr. Quest told me it was probably split, and to use cat to put it back together- works great.

  5. Thank you for all of the hard work & research that went into this. As a die hard Quest fan I have to say that this is awesome & a true milestone to one of the classics of American Animation. Please keep up the wonderful blog & the research that you are doing. There needs to be more fans like you! Regards, Eric "Needles" Fabiaschi

  6. Quest tees (finally):

  7. Are these still available, the first link come up with a message of file deleted. Thank for all your work.

    1. The sendspace files for cues and the doc are all active again.

  8. Hello!

    I would just like to ask if you would ever be able to upload the deleted chapter "Did Jonny Quest Make You Gay?" I don't know what it contains--info about JQ being a male-dominated show, perhaps? Or does this have to do with Benton and Race's alleged homosexual relationship/the show's homosexual undertones? Or is it--and I hope it is--all about Race Bannon? Hahahaha. So there. Hope this question will be answered, as I have no idea how to contact you, Chris Webber, to ask about this question of mine. Thank you! :)